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Friday, 23 August 2013

Minimum Budget PPC Services with Compatible Leads

PPC or Pay Per Click is the latest and the fastest growing trend in the global online marketing scenario. The pay per click is also known as Cost per Click. This is an Internet marketing or advertising plan in which the advertiser pays for every click to the publisher. The publisher is mostly the website owner in whose site the ad is published. In short words PPC is simply paid advertisement. This advertising style is a recent addition in the online marketing strategies.

 The basic aspect of the PPC advertising technique is the keyword bidding. Keyword is the most used word for any particular query by the website viewers. These viewers can be potential clients. The sites with the advertisement content usually charge a fixed price rather than using a bidding system. The PPC displays ads which are also called as BANNER ads. These ads pop up when the website is opened or the right keyword is clicked. The website utilizes the PPC ad by displaying the ad when the right keyword is typed which matches to the advertisers keyword list. These advertisements are known as sponsored ads or links. These appear on the top or the bottom or else adjacent to the page.

It is placed anywhere and is decided by the web developer as per the choice within the content. The base of costing of the PPC ads amounts to the basic differentiation in the kinds of PPC.

Accordingly the two basic types of PPC are as follows:

 1. FLAT RATE PPC: In this rate model the advertiser fixes the rate with the customer which is fixed and is paid over each click. This rate is usually fixed on the basis of the content on the page and the consideration of how much it will attract the viewers. Higher the page visit higher is the rate per click. Sometimes these rates can be increased by the customer as the advertiser pays more for greater visibility.

 2. BID BASED ADS: These ads comprise of the process of bidding for the determination of rate. The advertiser competes with other advertisers for the bidding of the rate of advertisement based on the publisher of the website. Every bidding advertiser tells the publisher the highest amount he is willing to pay and the keyword is sold to the highest bidder. There are several PPC Services in Delhi which provide PPC ads to the customers willing to post ads and pay per click. The companies offering the services offer proper and planned traffic flow thus increasing the brand promotion. Google adwords Certified Company is a fine brand which provides the PPC services. It is one of the largest service providers in the field.

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