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Friday, 23 August 2013

Social Media - First stage of promotion

Social networking sites have revolutionized the marketing process.Technological breakthroughs in social media and addition of new features by social networking sites have compelled these agencies to refine their modus operandi for the better. They bring to the consumers’ living room-a brand new product with improved features and exactly the product what the consumers had demanded.

Globalisation has turned the world into a village. Products from different countries regularly cross its borders heading for a new market overseas. They ship their products to distant shores, investing billions in transportation, warehousing, and manpower to run their offshore business. But such a mammoth logistical operation would yield no result if the product cannot find a consumer in its intended market. So producers tap marketing agencies who work on the producers’ behalf to market their product and attract consumers. These agencies employ diverse strategies and means to market a product. The way the consumers receive the product depends on how well the product has been marketed by these agencies.

Internet has aided the marketing agencies at a level never that was heard of before. And these agencies have shown the will and courage to go the extra mile to invent and improve on the avenues through which marketing operations are now accomplished. The marketing agencies have realized that it is a lot easier to tap new consumers through social media for generation today is tech-savvy and is always logged on to the social networking sites that crowd the internet.

Social networking sites employ cutting edge technology to run its operations. And these agencies have taken a slice of this technology to expand consumer base for a product. Such technological support can be considered as the lifeline for producers who wish to reach a wider consumer base. Delhi is home to numerous social media company houses that provide their client the requisite support to host their product details on social networking sites. These corporate houses are dedicated to expanding the business of their client by promoting their business propaganda by hosting their products on these social networking sites.

Owing to the changing needs of the producers, social media agencies have taken birth. A social media marketing agency specializes in designing innovative product portfolios and hosts them on social networking sites for consumers. These agencies look into the ways through which a product is marketed through social media sites like Facebook, foursquare and the like. Social media sites see a lot of traffic and one-on interactions among individuals. They, thus serve as the best evaluator for a product. These agencies can track such discussions flowing through the internet regarding a product, conduct online polls and surveys to get a vibe as to what the consumer wants.

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