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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Does URL reducing impact SEO? ‘NO’ says the expert!

URL shorteners are rapidly being used in social media like Twitter and Facebook. Since a microblogging site like Twitter only allows 140 characters in a post, URL shorteners are gaining in popularity. But how does shortening of an URL affect its Search Engine Ranking and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Do the link credits go to the original article or is lost somewhere in between?

Matt Cutts,a well-known Google staffer recently answered this question in a video. According to him, URL shortening does not harm an article’s Search Engine Optimization till the time the shortener uses a 301 redirect  to the original link. 301 redirects are permanent redirects and help give credits to the actual link. Most URL shorteners like use 301 redirects. Such redirects help in creating inbound links to the article/site and consequently help in Search Engine Optimization.

However some URL shorteners use 302 redirects. They give only temporary link credits to the original article and lay more emphasis on the shortened link. Such URL shorteners are better avoided.
So in case you had some worries about using URL shorteners for SEO… rest assured, they only add to your link credits. You just have to ensure that they use 301 redirects. 99BKG2CZ6KFP


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