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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Towering Bounce Rate plagues your position??

First things first….What is Bounce rate?
It is the percentage of people who are bouncing of your site without going on to a second page. For eg: suppose there are 1000 visits to your site and 700 of them leave your site  after visiting just one page, your bounce rate is 700/1000 = 0.7 (or 70%).

How does High or Low Bounce Rate affect your site?
Suppose you have a store. You want customers to visit that store. There’ll be some customers who take a walk through the store looking for things which he might be interested in buying. There would also be a few customers who would just enter your store and leave soon without even bothering to see the entire store. More the number of customers in the first category, more would be your chances to convert them and improve your sales figures. The lesser the number of customers in the second category, the better for your business. This second set of customers is what we call the Bouncing customers in Search Engine Marketing terminology.

Thus lesser the number of bouncing visitors (lower The Bounce Rate), the better for your online business.
What is Low and High Bounce Rate?

Experts believe that a Bounce rate of 40%  is normal for a website. Bounce rate above 55%  should be a cause of concern for the site owner.
How can you know the Bounce Rate of your site?
There are tools available for free to give you the data on Bounce Rate of your site eg; Google Analytics.
How can you decrease your Bounce Rate?
  • Relevancy of Landing Page :For any organic search, a visitor enters your site by typing in some keywords in the search box. Ensure that your landing page communicates the same information which the visitor was looking for.
  • Content: Your content should be crisp, to the point and useful to your target customer.
  • Design: Your landing page should be both attractive and interactive.
  • Page Loading Time: Ensure that your page does not take too much time to load on the browser. The faster, the better.
  • Navigation: Ensure that your landing page has clear navigation channels. Make it as easy as possible for the visitor to navigate through your landing page  and to your inner pages.
  • Incentives/Offers: If you can, include offers, discounts and incentives on your landing page. The customer always looks for deals.
  • Do not distract: Do not distract your customers by placing a lot of ads on your landing page that take them away from your site. If your primary motive is to get profits out of hosting these ads then it makes a business sense, otherwise do not have too many ads on your landing page.

This Article is written by Amit Thapa expert Web analyst behalf of World Largest Web Solutions Company Techiezens Infosystems. Know More visit here : Ecommerce Website Design Company

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Always design your Website with User Friendly

A website is a vital tool for your internet marketing. Also referred to as a website or lander, this single web site appears in reaction to hitting an ad, following an e-mail weblink, or checking a QR Value.

The general goal of your website is to turn guests into prospects. As such, it can be a do or die situation. Visitors who reach your website are no longer a cold cause. Rather, they have already started a relationship; they are pre-qualified and interested in what you have to offer. Don’t let bad style damage this amazing opportunity!

Your website needs to have the finest quality style. For professional designers, this probably does not sound like too big of a task. However, squeeze webpages have a unique set of elements of style. Likewise, the consumer experience is different from a common website.

Not All Getting Pages are Created Equal

Visitors reach a website from various sources. In the past, squeeze webpages were mainly achieved from a weblink in an e-mail or after hitting an marketing. These days, there is a more popular method of transport to a landing page: QR Codes.

Visitors who reach a website via a QR Value have special needs. They will be obtaining your website from a mobile phone, which should be the kick off point for your style.

When designing landing pages for QR Codes, remember that people will be accessing the site from a mobile device.Source

While helping you create a outstanding web design for QR Requirements, this article will focus on four key aspects: the proactive approach, content, overall look, and mobile connections. 

Call to Action

The main purpose of your landing page should be a clear and concise call to action. This is the only way to convert visitors into leads. Make it very clear what you want them to do and what they will get in exchange. If the visitor won’t be receiving an instant reward, don’t lead them to believe they will.

There are a variety of actions you can ask your visitor to take. However, don’t try to add too many — one should be plenty. Do you want the facebook like or the email address? Trying to accumulate both might confuse the visitor.

If you choose to use a type on your website, ask for little details. Entering long reactions to concerns on a mobile phone is experienced by no one! Also, let the guest know which areas are compulsory. Otherwise, they might think their disinterest in responding to a particular question will be a deal buster.

Consider including a second “sign-up” key at the bottom of the site. This is especially beneficial for long squeeze webpages where scrolling is involved. The proactive approach should always be just a tap away. If the guests do not want to study all your details, they can simply tap the key at the top. If the guests create it all the way through your amusing repartee, they do not have to search back to the top to sign up.

Also, it might be a wise decision to consist of a few beneficial sources near the second proactive approach. Hyperlinks to a “Learn more” web page, or a “Live demo” might be valued. If guests study all your details, there is a opportunity they did so because they were not totally assured about your products or services. They might need a bit more effective.


To ensure the best possible possibility of getting a lead from your website, you will need to add more than just a proactive approach. Take a moment to present yourself and discuss some details about your brand.

While you should tell a bit about your company, you do not want the helpful details to control your website. The material should not keep the proactive approach.

No one prefers a show-off. Verify to create sure your material is not self-serving. Audiences want to know how they will benefit from your business's goods and services — so tell them!

If you are having difficulties for ways to add more pizazz to your web page, toss on a extra or two; something along the lines of an example, review or movie would be nice.

 Illustrations — Individuals like to see what they are going to get; hardly ever do they buy things vision hidden. If you are developing a website for an app manufacturer, consist of some screenshots. If your customer is a hair stylist, add some before and after images.

   Recommendations — Anyone who is hesitant to take the activity you ask for might be confident by reports of other customers. Begin including some authentic, beneficial testimonials from people — not companies — near the proactive approach.

   Video clips — Video clips are a silver my own when it comes to squeeze webpages. They are an simple way to discuss a lot of details quickly. Getting webpages that are utilized via QR Requirements are significantly improved by videos. A lot of times, everyone is on the go when they check out a value. Consider the following: a guest tests a value on a bus regular and then timepieces it clip during the travel to work. The guest probably would not be able to type on a webpage on the rough drive, but videos clip is a breeze to look at while on the road.

While movie does have its advantages, there are some potential stumbling blocks too. A video’s excellent might be affected by mobile internet. Therefore, small sized the excellent, the better the excellent of it clip. Also, guests will not actually have headsets with them when they observe your movie. Consider using videos that do not depend on audio to get the factor across.

The overall look of your website can be significantly improved by giving special interest to two carefully related topics: typography and shade. Both factors significantly impact the legibility of your material.

Many developers don't like working with typography. It has gotten a bad rap for being time-consuming. That may be true, but it does not mean typography should be ignored. It is especially essential because shows of mobile phone gadgets are small.

Use your typography to identify a structure. Let viewers know where they should start studying. Then, tell them where they should go next. Typography can also help guests pick out the most essential pieces of details.

Likewise, shade can be used to identify a structure by collection different subjects of details together by hue. However, you must be cautious that your shade selection does not intervene with legibility. Positive pictures — dark on white-colored — are easier to study than negative pictures — white-colored on dark.
Mobile Interaction

Being simple to use on mobile phone gadgets is perhaps the most essential aspect of QR Code web style. Every single audience will be using a mobile phone or product. No one will be seeing the website on a pc display. That fact right there should be the power behind your style.

When developing your mobile-friendly website, ask yourself the following questions:

    Where will this QR Code be placed? Where the viewers access the website should impact what they see when they get there. A QR Code in a ready made meals cafe is not the best place to consist of a long signing up type. The guest will be active eating and looking to create a quick vacation. A simple facebook or myspace like, on the other hand, would be appropriate for that location.

    What is noticeable above the scroll? Once you have your website designed, test it out on the most popular mobile phones. At what factor do the guests need to begin with scrolling? Were they able to see the most essential information? If not, move the essential things to the top.

    Have I done everything possible to reduce fill time? QR Requirements will be examined by a mobile phone. That means the website guests are using a mobile system or Wi-Fi. Slowly downloading could cause guests to quit before you want them to.

    Have I considered handy dexterity? According to the Apple iOS create site, tappable places should be 44 x 44 points or 0.6 x 0.6 inches wide. Are your tappable places at least that size? Comprehensive typing on a mobile phone can be difficult — especially for the elderly. When possible, use checkboxes and fall down details. Also, do not consist of a list of links. Trying to tap the right one could be a nightmare!

The when you style a QR value website, focus on the proactive approach, material, overall look, and mobile connections. By doing so, your guests will be much more likely to become brings.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Five Factors Web Style Organizations Can Help You With

The internet is a fast growing environment and the ecommerce is a fast growing field that attracts the attention of more and more people. The top trends in online sales change even from one month to another, so it is a good idea for your business and for its success to have a marketing team always aware of what is new and what should be changed.

However, you should know that there are numerous online companies that offer all the services you need as a freelancer, so it is only a waste of money to pay someone as a full time employee for this type of services when any ecommerce web design company can do the same thing.

Such companies offer you web design services, creating your website, they provide maintenance services, as well as upgrade services whenever they are needed. Now, it does not matter what if you choose an individual, a person who works on his own in the web design field or if you choose a firm. What matters is that you offer all your attention to the 5 elements that help you become the owner of a successful website.

The first element of these five is the search engine optimization. Those who already know the term refer to the search engine optimisation as SEO. This element is a very complex one and it can be used with success only by someone who completely understands the process. In search engine optimization, the specialist creates keywords and uses them in the sub headings of your website in order to attract the attention of all search engines to your website. The specialist also uses back links that can be created through article submission, forum posting and blog posting for the same purpose: to attract the attention of search engines upon your website. If you get a good search engine position, then you also get a good traffic and a lot of possible customer.

The second element is called Content Rich Copy. This implies offering descriptions of the items or the services that you sell and reviews. Numerous internet users appreciate this very much and in many cases, when they stop for a review, they also purchase something.

The third element on the list is known as Email opt in. If you already attracted the attention of some customers, you should make them keep coming back to you and by building an email capture box, you can send them special offers and information from time to time if they consent.

Fourth comes the Easy Navigation element. You have to make sure that your website is attractive, but also easy to use. You need maps of the website that will help them easily find what they need and even graphics that attract them to explore your website.

Last but not least, the number five element is Let Customers Contact You. Make sure that your contact details are easy to observe and at the disposal of any visitor of your website. By doing this, you might attract more of those who are too lazy to search for certain information.