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Monday, 29 April 2013

Best Digital Marketing Agency for Online Branding

Promotion of your company or brand to maximize your returns has become a lot more exciting and easier than before with the advent of the internet. Now the time of pamphlets, banner ads and boards to advertise your scheme to make more business has faded away.  Internet marketing campaigns have in use over the old publicity methods. With millions of users on Pinterest, Stumbleupon and twitter along with inestimable social marketing sites, promoting and advertising your brand name has taken a whole new shape. Now you can tweet about the services and products you offer, can post pictures of products/items your company sell on Facebook and put promotional ads on similar marketing websites.

Although online promotion has made it simple to support your brand, it evolves over time. It promises to make a lot of business provided you handle the social media sensitively and present new and innovative marketing approaches. If you have just started your business enterprise and it has monetary constraint for promotion and advertising, you can register your business for free on social community sites such as Pinterest, stumbleupon, reddit sites such as twitter. You can post your company’s ads on special marketing sites for completely free of charge.

Increase Selling
Let’s read a pattern to know how online marketing helps in increase sales of genuine business and profit. Imagine that you run a retail business of kids’ and teens’ clothes and have showrooms across the town and also sell your goods online. But, you silent have not been capable to generate highest revenue when compared with your competitors (who are there online) in spite of following usual promotion methods for years.

If you have been going through the same condition, we suggest you to build a social account and mark your presence on it with publishing your ads all over it. As highest users on public community sites come from your goal group (we are assuming it to be teenagers), you are sure to get clicked on Facebook. Distribute your new range of fashion on your Facebook page, run different competition and you can even ask other users to plan for your business as a social commotion.

On twitter, you can try to launch your follower base and then habitually tweet about the newly planned things along with their prices.  Put your ads on business 2 business websites, marketing sites, and online markets and build up your certified business. Sell your products in concurrence with online provisions. Your online attendance will help to collect good entrance public relations.

Interactive Ads for most importance of Client and Readers
A study conducted by the Journal of Interactive advertises to establish what type of promotional ads— interactive ads or usual banners— draw highest notice of users or readers. The study concluded that weekly rate of clicks on interactive ads was 37 per cent as conflicting to 12 per cent of traditional banners.
For widening your profit restrictions and make happy your clients, you can catch their response and reviews. Introduce modern techniques and schemes to keep hold of your consumers’ importance. To keep them update about your new services and products, send new offers to their email ids or during mobile phone texts.

This article is posted by Amit Thapa from creative Digital Marketing Agency Delhi - Techiezens Infosystems. In this article the author provides you some tips to Generating Real Business by Online marketing. We have an experienced team of developer, designer and internet marketing expert to achieve any goals to generate leads online. Best Web Designing Company Delhioffers cheap and affordable web design packages

Monday, 22 April 2013

How to Optimize SEO Friendly Website Design

Optimize SEO friendly Page
One area that search engines have completed a number of major advancements in recent years is in how they appraise content on a website. So what does a wholly optimized page look like in 2013? Let’s look at elements.

How Does an Optimized Page Look Like?
Everybody is talking about optimized article, about SEO, on page optimization. But do you actually know what a high spirited article looks like? Maybe you think you do, but do you do it the right way? Bellow I will present you how an optimized article looks like.

Quality Useful Information Creates an Optimized Article
Well, people do require quality information, useful information and this is phase where all new writers that try to write optimized articles fail. Why? Because they forget that they write articles in the first place for human beings and than for search engines. And I believe that's clear for everyone that visitor who spends 5 seconds on a page is not good. So this is the main thing on the internet an optimized article is also a quality article including readable useful information

Optimize Meta Tags
Optimizing the Meta tags plays a tremendously important role in any search engine optimization campaign. In addition to search engine optimization, well written title tags also help you in growing the usability of a web page.

Importance of Meta tags
1. First and leading title tags are very important from the search engine point of view. This is because all major and negligible search engines place much weight age on these tags (and use these tags to collect information about a website) in contrast to all other aspects

2. Secondly many major search engines like google and yahoo! Show title tags of a web page as a heading in their SERPs (Search engine results page) chased by a brief description of the content were the keywords appear.

3. The third most important function of title tags is to help the user in finding out which page he is on. Almost all admired browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, display title tags on the top bar as well as the bottom. Firefox 1.0 uses title tags to describe 'tabs'. This makes title tags tremendously important from the web usability point of view as well.

H1 and H2 Tags
First of all, an article should have a H1 tag. No H1 tag, article is not okay. The H1 tag is the most imperative tag and looks like this Title on h1 tags. Also H2 is used mostly for subtitles and seems like this Subtitle on h2 tags. Page titles and subtitles must be placed between these elements including your keyword and it's suggested to use h1 and h2 all the time and as often as you can the other tags: h3, h4,h5,h6.

Keyword Density
Keyword density is equally important as the other elements in this tutorial and the keyword frequency value on an optimized article must be between 2% and 8%. More than 8% is not good, search engines will "think" that you spam.

Using Images
Using images in articles not only that creates it friendly and looking good for the reader, but it also will appear difficult in the eyes of search engines like : Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol, Yandex and others. Make sure your image ALT tag contains your keyword

Internal Links
Internal Links are very valuable, why? Because SEO and ranking for highly competitive terms has to do more with website structure and internal links than external links. Well, I will guess you did not know that.

Major Html Tags
Major SEO Html Tags is "bold", "strong" and "em" tags. This Tag improves your keywords ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page)"em".Use this strategy for the best SEO results. Increase ranking in SERP and Create the Brand Promotions. If you want to improve the keywords or Brand Advertising then connect with Techiezens Infosystems

This Article is written by Amit Thapa from Digital Marketing Agency offers cheap and affordable Web design packages. Techiezens Infosystems is best Web development company delhi offers development services; as one of the leading companies offers seo friendly Web design services delhi

Friday, 12 April 2013

Inexpensive Ecommerce Web Design Company in Delhi – Techiezens Infosystems

When it comes to eCommerce websites, or an eCommerce redesign, you need a partner that is listening carefully and skilled in as long as companies the best in proficient ecommerce web design company. With a group of experts under one roof, OuterBox's goal is provide you with all of the indispensable design, development and promotion services you need to be doing well online. 

We've worked on hundreds of eCommerce projects and know what it takes to get sales. With platform features such as unlimited products and categories, to a secure one- page checkout, we make online shopping easy for clients and easy to handle for website owners. From selling a product or contribution, to taking payments for a service, our team can build up the custom eCommerce website ideal for your company. There is no bound to what your eCommerce site can accomplish when providing your products or services online.

Company Name: Techiezens Infosystems Pvt. Ltd

Address: A-157, Basement, Near Ramphal Chowk, Dwarka

Sec - 7 , New Delhi - 110075

Email : or

Mobile- +91 - 8287335066 / +91- 9350595910

Tel : 011 - 45525910

US: +1 8006186812 (US Toll free)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Guidelines of Creative Website Design – Techiezens Infosystems

The goal of most web designers is to create a gorgeous, simply reachable and well-designed website that will encourage the visitor to do impressive. Creating such a website requires excellent graphic design, effortless and intuitive site navigation, logical site layout and good web copy. The following suggestions are common web design strategy. 

Web Content 

You want the visitor to see you as a knowledgeable in sequence source and/or a reputable business. Poor grammar and spelling will immediately reduce your credibility. Remember that people use the internet to find information. Whether you are selling your own product or recommending someone else’s products, you must first provide valuable information to the visitor or they will click away and find a website that gives them what they what they want.

Cross Browser Compatibility 

There are at least a hundred different browsers in use. You must design your website to work properly in the most widely used browsers. To do that you may not be able to use all of the really great special effects that are available because they may not be supported in most browsers. 

Even though most web browsers are free, people do not necessary bother to upgrade to the latest versions. The average surfer may not know how to upgrade their browser or have the attitude, “If it works, don’t fix it.” Remember your visitor may have a PC, a MAC, a Linux box, a PDA or a cell phone and they all use different browsers. 

Good web design requires your web pages to work in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera and Safari at a minimum. Validating your HTML code will help but the final test is to view your website in different browsers running on different platforms. 

Graphics and Photos 

Web surfers are impatient and studies show that most people will click away if a webpage takes longer than 10 seconds to load. Always optimize your photos and other graphic files to have as small a size as possible without sacrificing picture quality. 

Always use the height and width attributes on the picture so the rest of the page can load while the graphic files is downloading. Use the ALT HTML tag so people with graphics turned off and those using hand held devices know what the picture is supposed to be. 

Background Colors 

If you use anything other than white behind text, be sure to specify link colors otherwise the user’s browser defaults will determine what color the links are which can make them unreadable. 


Multimedia is composed of flash movies, video clips, audio clips and background music. Always use streaming media because it reduces download time. Make sure the visitor can stop and start multimedia files or in the case of flash introductions, skip them if they want. That way people with slow connections or devices that don’t support multimedia can ignore them. 

Also, put any important information presented in multimedia in text as well so the visitor has access to that information without using multimedia. If a plug-in is needed to use the multimedia, always provide a link to it so the user can install it. Finally, always remember the 10-second rule for site loading when deciding to use multimedia. 

Site Navigation 

Site navigation should be simple and intuitive. Studies have shown if a visitor cannot access the information they want within three clicks, they will leave the site. This is called the 3-click rule. Every area of your website should be reachable within three clicks from anywhere else on the site. If you use anything other than simple text links, make sure to test your navigation in all the major browsers. 


Periodically test all site links to be certain that they are valid. Nothing chases a visitor off faster than broken links. There are several free online services that will periodically check your links. 


Avoid using frames, since they make it difficult to bookmark individual pages on your web site and you want people to bookmark pages so they can come back. 


Good Web design is a combination of common sense and good planning. Your site should be attractive and easy to use and most importantly provide the user with the information or services they want. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Customer Feedback is important for Website

You are a prospering business house with customer base larger than the number of soccer fans in the city. It’s time to do more for the clients; you decide to bring them on a common platform. Now on, there is a customer feedback community for everyone on your website. Brilliant idea! Or is it? At first thought, it seems a great way to get closer to the customers, but you need to understand things a little better before you jump in.

First & foremost, you need to ensure that the ‘customers’ giving the feedback are actually your customers. There is no dearth of online nuisance characters and of course you can never count out the competition. Remember, a good comment/review might go unnoticed, but a bad one always shines out.Compulsory registration with strict parameters is the best solution here.

Another important point is that the comments that are posted must be reverted and reverted timely. It doesn’t mean you need to reply every comment; you need to sort out the relevant ones, specially the complaints, and act on it. An assurance that the suggestion has been noted goes a long way in pacifying the customers.

You must also make the use of forum to learn the product innovations. It is one of the few places where you have your specific target audience assembled together, it’s the best R&D. Not only learn,acknowledge that you got the idea from a customer. For example, there is a complaint about your product X, in your reply you should not only provide a solution but mention that, based on this feedback; you are soon launching a new version of the product soon that will ensure these problems are not repeated. It will work like magic.

To summarize, consumer feedback are great for your business but demand caution as mishandling can make them equally harmful. Agree? Disagree? Let us know your feedback. Yes, we practice what we preach! 

This Article is written by Amit Thapa, having 5+ Years Experience in Internet Marketing as an Expert Web Analyst.Techiezens Infosystems Is a profession Web Designing Company Delhi . We are India's fastest Growing Company ecommerce web design company & ecommerceweb site development. We are providing website design and web development services for businesses.

Guidelines for efficient Website Design

The job of a website design company is not only about creating a design and adding codes to it. There are many other parameters that contribute to making a good website. This art is practiced and perfectly over a period of time, still these tips will act as your guidelines. 

1. Quick loading: The biggest put off for a visitor is waiting for a website to load. Internet is a medium very the audience is spoilt for choices. Therefore, if the visitor is made to wait to see your product, he will waste no time in moving on. 

The general thumb rule of the industry is that a website should not take more than 20 seconds to load. The problem of long loading is primarily due to heavy flash and high resolution images. There is no doubt that these elements add to the beauty of the site but what’s the point to making the site beautiful when nobody is seeing it. 

2. Convenient navigation: Your website visitor must be able to reach any section from anywhere are not more than 5 clicks. If the no. of leading clicks is more than this then the chances of visitor getting lost are above 50%. It is important to have subsections wherever needed but equally important not to overdo it. There has to be the right balance. 

Another important point that many designers miss is that many a time visitors land on your website’s inner pages instead of the homepage, therefore all pages must be clearly named and linked to all pages including the homepage. 

3. Proper use of pop ups: pop ups are an interesting concept and definitely add to the user experience. It is a kind of glitter for the look of the website. It adds character but as with makeup, too much to decking up will work the reverse way. A visitor enjoys a rare pop up here and there but if a popup starts showing up from each corner then the visitor gets irritated and might even leave the site. A website design company, Delhi must make sure it uses just the right dose of pop ups. 

4. Use right colors: First of all the color scheme used must be in line with the theme of the company. Then, you must ensure that irrespective of your color theme, the content should be easily readable. Many sites suffer from the problem to using such striking colors that suppress the content. Remember if the visitors can’t read anything, they won’t understand anything. 

If you keep these things in mind you are sure to be on the right track for your website design ventures. After that, it’s your skill and experience that will determine how well you perform. 

This Article is written by Amit Thapa, having 5+ Years Experience in Internet Marketing as an Expert Web Analyst.Techiezens Infosystems Is a profession Web Designing Company Delhi . We are India's fastest Growing Company ecommerce web design company & ecommerceweb site development. We are providing website design and web development services for businesses.

Good and bad points of Flash Website Design

Flash is basically animation software for vectors. The reason behind introduction of flash was to integrate animations with web pages. Due to the fact that flash uses vector based graphics it is able to work better with websites as the files are very light and load easily. 

Although, the primary usage of flash has remained the same but it has increased in capabilities and functionalities with time. It is not more programming friendly, which makes it possible to make complete sites in flash. 

There are many advantages that flash offers over HTML like the loading and downloads of flash based movies is always faster than the HTML ones because of the vector elements. Another big plus is that movies / animations in flash are cached and hence don’t need to be load repeatedly which is not possible with HTML. Also, the overall user experience is richer and more user oriented. 

Although these advantages make flash sound like a clear favorite in comparison with HTML but in practical world the things a different. Flash by nature is faster loading than HTML but it largely depends on the quality of the developer. Most of the developers don’t know the correct usage of flash as a result make files which are even heavier than HTML because they add too much of fancy animations and videos. Cache of videos is a plus but on the flipside flash caches the pages as well, as a result you keep using the cached pages images at your end instead of downloading from the server and thus miss out on the updates. Like flash, HTML has made rapid progress in technology as well and now with and Java server spaces it can offer an equally impressive user experience. 

The biggest glitch that flash carries is its inability to handle text properly. It’s an open secret that flash displays text in a less empathic manner and readability is always an issue. This is a big problem as the entire web game is about content. The rendering of text is also slower with flash. 

To add to the worries of a flash based sites are not SEO friendly at all. So unless you are the Apples of the world and don’t bother about people finding you on search engines, flash is not the right way to go for you. 

To summarize, flash is a wonderful tool that has many dimensions and possibilities. It has grown manifolds with time. It is an ideal enhancement tool for any but not a medium to develop complete sites in, at least not yet.

This Article is written by Amit Thapa, having 5+ Years Experience in Internet Marketing as an Expert Web Analyst.Techiezens Infosystems Is a profession Web Designing Company Delhi . We are India's fastest Growing Company ecommerce web design company & ecommerceweb site development. We are providing website design and web development services for businesses.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Free SEO - PPC Live Training in Delhi with 100% Job Assistance

 Techiezens Infosystems is fastest growing Web Solutions and online advertising company which provides online seo and promotion training, live PPC training to all who are seeking for website promotion, Internet marketing, Web marketing training in Delhi.
SEO/ PPC Training

There are total 2 training modules:

Module I: SEO Training 1 Months
Module II: PPC Training 15 Days

Needed candidates can apply us by sending an e-mail at to get more details.We welcome your better future.

By doing our course, one can definitely get above mentioned jobs within 2 months with a salary ranging as depend on candidates skills & qualification. We can conduct 2-3 interviews for our trainees too.

Why are waiting now call +91 - 9350595910(Mr. Rakesh Negi), +91-82873350669(Mr. Parvesh Singh), 011 - 45525910 Undergraduate Can also apply. Freshers are most welcome. Don't miss this opportunity

Address: Techiezens Infosystems Pvt. Ltd
A- 157, Basement, Sec -7,Near Ramphal Chowk, Dwarka, New Delhi

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Introduction about Social Media marketing through Online Branding


Your business is like a tree — only as sturdy as its roots. You can’t branch out until you know how strong your foundation is, especially when your tree is built upon social media; an ever-changing and increasingly important platform in today’s marketing environment.
We’ve created a special infographic that illuminates social media best practices to bolster four key business areas: Product Ratings and Reviews, Customer Service, Lead Generation, and Brand Awareness. There’s no need to dig around in the dark when it comes to your social media, so referencing the “Your Social Media Roots” infographic can help ensure that your business is well-planted and ready to grow.

Your Social Media Roots

Protect Your Website from Future Penguin Updates

The Google Penguin update, much like its predecessor Panda, sent shockwaves around the Internet when it went live on April 24th. A lot of sites were impacted by this update and many are still struggling to recover. If you were lucky enough to avoid penalty (luckier still if you actually benefitted!) don't assume that your site is the clear forever more. Much like Panda had over a dozen subsequent tweaks, I believe that this isn't the last wave heard from Penguin.
In order to make sure your website isn't hurt by future Penguin updates, here are four things you should do with your SEO starting now:

1. Do A Full Link Audit Right Away

Penguin really impacted sites that had low-quality link portfolios, so you need to take a look under the hood of your own link portfolio and see what you are working with. Although it can be very time consuming, and definitely isn't the most glamorous SEO task you'll ever do, its critical to visit as many individual links as possible during the link audit. No matter how much or how little active link building you've been doing, know that other sites will naturally link to yours with time. Here are a few things to look out for during your link audit that might get your in trouble with future Penguin updates:
  • Links from unrelated sites.
  • Links in bad neighborhoods.
  • Site-wide links (like being in the side level navigation of a directory) that produce thousands of links from one domain.
  • Hidden links.
  • Links buried in unrelated content.
  • Percentage of no follow vs. do follow links (there should be a natural balance).
Keep in mind that unlike any other backlink tool, Google has the ability to crawl the ENTIRE Internet in just a few hours. This means they can find and follow every single inbound link that leads to your website. A few bad links shouldn't do much harm to your site, Google know we cant control every single inbound link, but if you see a lot of these kind of spammy links popping up in your link portfolio its time to rethink your link building strategy before Penguin 2.0 comes around.

2. Randomize Your Anchor Text

Most of the SEO community agrees that over use of exact match and keyword heavy anchor text was a big cause for Penguin penalties in a lot of sites.
You really want to move away from exact match anchor text and focus on using branded keywords more frequently for your link building. If you are going to use non-branded anchor text, be sure to vary it as much as possible.
Yes, you may want to rank well for small business IT services and that may be the most appropriate keyword for you to target, but incorporate a dozen versions of that anchor text into you link building and content to protect yourself and your site from future Penguin updates.
The key is for your anchor text to appear as natural as possible. To me, it seems like Penguin has little tolerance for black, or even grey, hat SEO.

3. Stop Any And All Link Schemes Right Now

You shouldn't have been doing link schemes in the first place (Google flat out forbids them in the Webmaster Guidelines), but if you've been getting away with it for a while now just stop.
Link exchanges and link networks are only going to land your site in hot water. That page you have of resources that just links to random other sites – get rid of it.
Before you place an outbound link on your site ask yourself, is this really going to help a visitor to my site? Am I willing to give traffic to this site and risk losing potential customers because of it?
There is nothing wrong with linking to partner companies or actual resources, but make sure there is real value in those outbound links. You should also pull any paid links you have on unrelated or low-quality websites; they aren't worth it. Anything that looks unnatural to the search engines is going to get your site in trouble eventually. Its best to stay as far away from that line in the sand as possible.

4. Invest In Other Sources Of Traffic

This might sound crazy coming from an SEO professional, but you should treat your SEO like there was no Google.
If the search engines didn't exist, what other avenues would people use to find your website? The less reliant you are on Google for your traffic the more stable your website will be in the long run.
Think about it like this; even if your site only felt the residual effects of Penguin you could still lose 20% of your traffic from the search engines. Can your business survive without that 20%? If all of your visitors are coming from the search engines even minor blows can have big repercussions. The more diversified your traffic sources the more protected you'll be from future Penguin updates.

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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Valuable & Useful Seo Software for Webmaster

Though MySEOPandit believes in human intervention for all its Search Engine Optimization processes, we do get queries from our readers regarding the best SEO software that is available in the market and how to decide which SEO software to buy. After interacting with a few SEO Experts in the industry, we have zeroed in on some of the best SEO software that are currently available and how to go about hunting for that ideal software for your Search Engine Optimization.
The parameters which we think are most crucial while deciding on a SEO software are:
  • Purpose: The most crucial thing to decide before buying a SEO software is to determine what all purposes the software is expected to serve. These then serve as the benchmark against which you can measure the success of your software.
  • Operating System Compatibility:  Ensure that your software is compatible across multiple Operating Systems. You never know which operating system you might use in the future so it’s better to make provisions beforehand.
  • Background Check: Before buying a SEO software make a little background check about the company which is behind the software. Look out for relevant information about their past products’ success rate.
  • Update Frequency: Search algorithms change frequently. Make sure that the software you purchase is also updated frequently so as to perform its job effectively and efficiently.
  • Price: Remember there is no point in buying a cheaper product and then finally end up paying more to buy tools and apps just to support the software. Spend wisely! Spend judiciously!
Based on our research here’s the list of the Top 8 SEO software:
  • Web CEO 8.1 Professional Edition              Publisher: Web CEO LTD
  • Advanced Web Ranking 7.2 Enterprise       Publisher: Caphyon Ltd
  • iBusiness Promoter IBP 11 Business            Publisher: Axandra GmbH
  • SEO Suite 8.0 Professional                         Publisher: Apex Pacific
  • SEO Toolkit Enterprise v 3.0                       Publisher: Trellian
  • SEO Studio Enterprise                               Publisher: TrendMetrix Software Inc.
  • SEO Powersuite Professional            
  • SEO Administrator 3 Expert                        Publisher:FlamingoSoft
For further details on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) contact us.

Article writing for SEO- A innovative challenge!

If I, as a content writer, were asked to choose the most essential thing for Search Engine Optimization it would be KEYWORDS. These are the words which a visitor types- in in his search box, these are the words which search spiders index and these are the words which help a web site get the desired ranking for a search result. Having been in the field of content writing for quite some time now, I can fairly understand the merits and demerits of SEO-based content writing. Though it is one of the most looked for job in writing, I have seen many youngsters joining the profession in the hope of doing something creative and ending up frustrated in a month or two. They seem to be disappointed with the idea that none of their creative writing skills come into play while writing- you just need to be grammatically correct and you need to incorporate the keywords wherever you can. Forget funky headlines, forget catchy captions. Your search spiders do not appreciate them at all.

Content writing for SEO or for Digital Marketing involves several peculiar challenges of its own. A person while searching has no idea about the catchy headline you would have given to an article. He searches for the precise word for which he is seeking information and consequently might never find your beautifully crafted article. Simultaneously your search engine algorithm also looks for keywords in your article and if it is unable to find any relevant or substantial number of keywords, your article ranks much lower or does not rank at all. But does this mean SEO-based content writing is simply a Cut-Copy-Paste job with no scope of creativity? Well I would say NO. Is it then a challenging job- YES!

The challenge lies in creatively using your keywords. Your print medium gives you the option of choosing your words from almost the entire English Dictionary, your Digital medium limits your word choice to a large extent. You only have your keywords to play around with. Herein lies the challenge and herein lies your creative skill. Your heading should not only incorporate your keywords but also should be written well in order to get the click from the human visitor.

Coming to the main body of the article; search engines value keywords to a large extent. Ranking is greatly influenced by Keyword Proximity, Density, Frequency and Prominence. How do you then be creative in style while being relevant to search engines?

Can you weave a story around your keywords? Can you hold on to your visitor’s attention throughout the article? Can you successfully lure him to socially bookmark your article or share your article on social sites? If yes, then you are creative, in fact more creative than your print counterparts given the limitation of words you constantly have to deal with. If no, then maybe you seriously need to rethink your career choice.

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Useful and Valuable Seo Guide about Server Error

Server Response Codes for SEO Experts

The Frequent Table of SEO Place Factors

Off The Page SEO Ranking Factors           The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors

 This Information is provided by Techiezens Infosystems, which is International level Cheapest Internet marketing services offers depend on Client requirement's.

How to Start Seo for your Business?

Search Engine Optimization has come to acquire great importance today due to increased online activity and growing e-commerce. SEO becomes all the more crucial for a start-up with low level of brand awareness and limited advertising budget. For a start-up, resources are always a matter of concern and allocating the right resources at the right place is what makes or breaks them. So if you are a startup and are contemplating whether to take the SEO route or not, here are 2 cases to guide you in your decision.

Case 1: You are a start up with a product which has very low awareness i.e your potential customers are not aware of either your brand or what you are selling. In a traditional PLC curve your product would be located at the leftmost corner. You are in the ‘introduction’ phase and you need to create awareness both for your product and brand.
Product Life Cycle- Intro stage

How will Search Engine Optimization help?
Without going into the nitty gritties of how SEO is done, your Search Engine Optimization campaign will help you create that awareness. Your product offers some kind of a solution to an existing problem (and I assume it does!). Your potential customers might not know that such a product exists (due to the newness of your product) but they are definitely looking for a solution to their problem. They use search engines like Google and Yahoo to look for that information. The words they use to describe their problems become your “Keywords”. An SEO campaign helps you in finding out these keywords. Tools like Google Adwords go a long way in identifying these keywords. SEO then helps integrating these keywords into your web site content so that it comes up when a search for the related query is done. This creates awareness about your product and consequently your brand.
The better the understanding of search engines, the better will be your ranking and higher will be your Brand/Product Awareness.

Case 2: You are a Startup but there is already substantial market awareness about the product you are selling i.e you are new but your product is not. In a traditional PLC curve, your product will be located in the “Growth” phase but there is very low level of awareness about your Brand per say.

Product Life Cycle -Growth stage

 How will Search Engine Optimization help?
In this phase of the market, you need to break the clutter and get your Brand noticed. Typically, you have to fight the big fishes here who have already established themselves. Your keywords have become more competitive. In such a scenario, SEO helps in getting your brand noticed. By such SEO techniques like Quality Content, Code revamping, Navigation restructure, Sitemap Creation, Link Building ,etc. the SEO Analyst works to get you higher ranking in SERPs. He also helps you to identify the most suitable keywords for your business.
Now coming to the cost factor of Search Engine Optimization, it is cheaper than most forms of traditional advertising. True your marketing budget is limited, but you do need to make a trade-off in the right direction at the right time!

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How to improve your business through Press Release Marketing?

Press Releases are a tried and tested method of reaching out to the masses. However the entire purpose of writing a Press Release gets defeated if your target audience is unable to find it. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind while writing your Press Release to ensure that it reaches your targeted audience:
  • Keywords: Keywords play a pivotal role in the success or failure of your Press Release. Before sitting down to write a Press Release, research on the keywords that people will type in their search box while looking for your Press Release. Once this list is made, zero in on a few most important keywords for your Press Release and incorporate them in your body content. Ideally, your Keywords should be there in your Title as well.

  • Highlight: Bolden your critical words. These may be your keywords as well as other important words. Bold Texts not only help in SEO but also help readers glance through the main points in the article.

  • Anchor Texts: Link your Press Release to relevant pages on your web site. These pages may or may not be your Home Page. Linking your Press Release with relevant articles helps readers to know more about the topic as well as help search spiders crawl more efficiently.

  • First Impression: Optimize the first 250 words of your Press Release. This ensures that you rank for the relevant keywords. It also decides whether your readers will read you further or not.
  • Write for Humans: All said and done, write as if you will write for a Human reader and not for a search bot. Keep your article free of all technical jargons, do not overstuff with keywords and write in simple and grammatically correct English.

How to Promote your Business through Social Media

How to promote Social Media Contests ?
Social Media Contests are an easy way to get your brand noticed. It encourages user interaction with the brand and at the same time helps in generating the buzz around your brand. But for any contest to be successful, it is essential that it is promoted well.
Here are three tips to promote your Social Media contest:
  • Keywords- the key to successful SEO: Make sure you use the right keyword to name your contest. People, who are searching for such contests online, would be unaware of the jazzy name you would have given to your contest. Ensure that your contest title incorporates the keywords by which you want your contest to be found.
  • It’s your baby, treat it like one: Your contest should be hosted on your own web site. Imagine the number of backlinks this would generate if the contest clicks. SEO and backlinks go hand in hand. The more the number of sites link to the contest page on your site, the better for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.
  • Find the right participants: Now that you have your contest in place, it’s time to go ahead and promote it. Talk about your contest on blogs and forums related to your contest topic. Find groups on LinkedIn that share similar interests and talk about your contest in those groups. Use Google and Twitter to find people who might be interested in your contest and promote your contest through them. Go social and spread the buzz as much as you can!
No matter how good your contest idea is, it is essential to market it well! These are the few tips we have used to promote our contests successfully.
If you have any other idea that clicked for you, share it with us in the comment thread below!

Towering Bounce Rate plagues your position??

First things first….What is Bounce rate?
It is the percentage of people who are bouncing of your site without going on to a second page. For eg: suppose there are 1000 visits to your site and 700 of them leave your site  after visiting just one page, your bounce rate is 700/1000 = 0.7 (or 70%).

How does High or Low Bounce Rate affect your site?
Suppose you have a store. You want customers to visit that store. There’ll be some customers who take a walk through the store looking for things which he might be interested in buying. There would also be a few customers who would just enter your store and leave soon without even bothering to see the entire store. More the number of customers in the first category, more would be your chances to convert them and improve your sales figures. The lesser the number of customers in the second category, the better for your business. This second set of customers is what we call the Bouncing customers in Search Engine Marketing terminology.

Thus lesser the number of bouncing visitors (lower The Bounce Rate), the better for your online business.
What is Low and High Bounce Rate?

Experts believe that a Bounce rate of 40%  is normal for a website. Bounce rate above 55%  should be a cause of concern for the site owner.
How can you know the Bounce Rate of your site?
There are tools available for free to give you the data on Bounce Rate of your site eg; Google Analytics.
How can you decrease your Bounce Rate?
  • Relevancy of Landing Page :For any organic search, a visitor enters your site by typing in some keywords in the search box. Ensure that your landing page communicates the same information which the visitor was looking for.
  • Content: Your content should be crisp, to the point and useful to your target customer.
  • Design: Your landing page should be both attractive and interactive.
  • Page Loading Time: Ensure that your page does not take too much time to load on the browser. The faster, the better.
  • Navigation: Ensure that your landing page has clear navigation channels. Make it as easy as possible for the visitor to navigate through your landing page  and to your inner pages.
  • Incentives/Offers: If you can, include offers, discounts and incentives on your landing page. The customer always looks for deals.
  • Do not distract: Do not distract your customers by placing a lot of ads on your landing page that take them away from your site. If your primary motive is to get profits out of hosting these ads then it makes a business sense, otherwise do not have too many ads on your landing page.

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How to Target Best Keywords on a Web page

:   In this competitive world every business man wants to reach at the top in their business. It is quite difficult but not possible. If they are using a correct funda for smooth running of their business then it's possible. For that you have to decide what are the best phrases can be used on your web page or what keywords can be used to optimized you website. When you are designing your web page, you must specifically it to rank high in the search engine. Web Design Company Delhi provides excellent web & Seo services through SEO experts Delhi with best & affordable price.  This involve much more than  just including METS tag, your keywords, title, image text and over all design all play an important role in determining how your website will rank.

A Keyword is a word that best describe you webpage. For example if your web page is focusing on flowers, then your best keyword will be flowers.  While making web page you should concentrate on just a couple of keyword phrases for each page used in different variation.  Avoid using general one-word keyword. Selecting the best key word is the most important step towards optimizing your pages for search engines. Keywords are words or phrases that are used to search for web sites. Keywords may be located within titles, a body of text, web catalogs, abstracts, indexes, notes and subject heading. Using the correct keywords is very important because it will help in driving traffic to your site.

The main reason of using keyword while constructing web page is because we want to attract traffic so that we can build a list of targeted leads and perhaps convert them into paying clients. Keywords are vital for websites because customers will be directed to your site when they enter that specific keyword of what they're searching. It may seem difficult to select the best keyword for SEO when there are thousands of keywords using by other web competitors. You need to find the most attractive keyword which is stand out from the rest. Well there are several ways to ensure of finding the right keyword. Keywords are just phrases or search terms that is use when you are looking at product and services in the site. Choosing the right keyword is very effective to pull customers to your site.

There are few things that must be done while choosing best keywords for web sites. That is, first find the words that best describe the content on the website landing pages. Do not use extremely popular keywords which are getting used by other many websites. Determine the popularity of the words which you have selected by utilizing a keyword directory. Apart from that combine training is the integrated tools to target the right keywords to rank higher in search engines and bring in visitors that are looking for your products or services.

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

How Valuable Is Website Flash Design for Online Business?

Business in today’s world works on a principle “Be Local Think Global”. As in today’s world things are changing in a high speed we have different form of technique to run business. Starting with the marketing to representing the business in front of the customer, everything is changing with time and thus many business have started to pick the option of going online with the their business to attract more clients. As internet is free and allows everyone to share their business and interest thus it has become a boon for the business, small and big.

As the business are coming online to tap more customers attraction it has raised question s like what can be a website like for those who are launching the business online fir the first time. Not only for those who have built the website for the first time, but also for those who have been working on the online portal for a while, they all want to know how valuable flash design is for online business. No matter big or small the website should be good enough to make an impact on the customers. They design should be attractive enough to bring the customer back again. As the customer is engaged more on the website, more chances are he could be converted to sales.Seo Company Delhi offers best services.

Not only from the online marketing point of view, even if we go by the textbooks of Marketing we come down to two points of Successful marketing and that is, connecting with the customer and engaging customer. As we build a website for business we need to make sure we have good design or attractive design to engage customer on our website. At the end of the day we all need to make sure our customer are happy and thus it is important to have a flash on the website, as no matter how well informed the content is if the website is not attractive enough to hold the interest of the customer, customers may not stay on the website long.

Thus one should use the flash wisely on the website and allow the customer to enough the creative design of the website. As it is an important part of online stores thus enough resources should be given to the Flash designing of the website and in any case if you still fell it does not goes well with the website, it is not a bad idea to check with the some of your competitors what kind of design is better for the design of the website.
We hope the above information will be helpful in future in building a new website.

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