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Thursday, 31 January 2013

How to Promote your Business through Social Media

How to promote Social Media Contests ?
Social Media Contests are an easy way to get your brand noticed. It encourages user interaction with the brand and at the same time helps in generating the buzz around your brand. But for any contest to be successful, it is essential that it is promoted well.
Here are three tips to promote your Social Media contest:
  • Keywords- the key to successful SEO: Make sure you use the right keyword to name your contest. People, who are searching for such contests online, would be unaware of the jazzy name you would have given to your contest. Ensure that your contest title incorporates the keywords by which you want your contest to be found.
  • It’s your baby, treat it like one: Your contest should be hosted on your own web site. Imagine the number of backlinks this would generate if the contest clicks. SEO and backlinks go hand in hand. The more the number of sites link to the contest page on your site, the better for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.
  • Find the right participants: Now that you have your contest in place, it’s time to go ahead and promote it. Talk about your contest on blogs and forums related to your contest topic. Find groups on LinkedIn that share similar interests and talk about your contest in those groups. Use Google and Twitter to find people who might be interested in your contest and promote your contest through them. Go social and spread the buzz as much as you can!
No matter how good your contest idea is, it is essential to market it well! These are the few tips we have used to promote our contests successfully.
If you have any other idea that clicked for you, share it with us in the comment thread below!