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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Facebook Video Ads on News Feed to be Launched Soon

Facebook Video Ad
Facebook is going to launch video ads in the news feed in the initial of 2013 as per the report by Ad agencies. The cover story concerns about the industrial executive who have been aware of the fact Facebook presents a unique marketing opportunity for businesses.

A news feed is a data format used for providing users with updated content.Facebook video ads is uploaded on desktop website as well as Facebook’s app for mobile and tablet. The length of video is around 15 seconds. According to television commercial the standard length of video should be 30 seconds. To meet this requirement, advertisers will have to generate new content for Facebook so as to acquire standard length of video as per the television commercial advertisement. Some of the videos possess auto play features. Auto play feature enable the automatic visibility of the uploaded video when it is visible to the user. The audio component is still the matter of discussion that whether it would be automatically activated as well. The video ads will always attract the user’s attention as news feed in the left and right columns of the screen. Facebook is also working to ensure that video’s can be visible to the users on mobile apps too.

Facebook users could react to the auto play video ads probably with a serious outrage and it is a matter of serious concern of potential backlash. The Report Says: The foremost concern is the autoplay function, it seems to be invasive and sometimes these ads are considered to be fraud in the video-ad market. The main drawback of autoplay ad is it viewed even if someone isn’t watching them. Additionally, the other concern is users become tired with so many Facebook ads from advertisers which are not related to their friends and family members even if advertisers tailor are based on information of a person’s profile. Facebook presents a unique marketing opportunity for businesses through the creation of Facebook Business Pages or Company’s Page. Facebook has not yet disclosed that how much they will charge for the video advertisement. However, video ads possess higher price as compare to other forms of Internet advertising.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

How Changing the Internet Marketing trends

Internet Marketing Melbourne

In today’s corporate world, not having a website can have an impact on how far you would be able to go in your chosen niche or industry. This is because, nowadays, more and more people are keener on doing their daily activities without having to leave the comfort of their home. Something that is readily afforded by the Internet. That being said, of late, there has also been an increased demand for Internet marketing professionals who can really get sites into the top spot in an SERP (Search Engine Results Page), like Google. This demand is further pushed by the various changes in Google’s algorithm when it comes to ranking sites

So how do you ensure that you stay on top?

Lately, Google has been paying a little more attention to the content of your site and how it is able to answer the needs of the readers. Rather than just how many links are pointing to your site. Although the latter is still given a lot of weight, Google now considers whether those sites are able to profit from you. That said, one of the things that you have to keep in mind is that, the more natural your site looks, the better it would be for you. In line with this, you have to make sure that your content is well written. Use your keywords sparingly as a little too much might raise red flags with the search engine giant.
Make sure that you pay particular attention to your title as well as to your site’s description. If possible, make sure of your keywords here but ensure that you are not spamming your own site. Keep in mind that the site description, and the title are the first things that a reader would see in a search engine results page. So make the most of it!
Lastly, you have to keep in mind that Internet marketing is more than just search engine optimization. You can also do email marketing, referral marketing, and affiliate marketing. You have a lot of options to go for so, if you are not really familiar with how search engine optimization works, better engage in some other form of internet marketing.